Monday, November 29, 2010

fa la la la la!

tristan and i put up a christmas tree this weekend :-)
my mom gave us a champagne ornament, taylor sent a margot & little margot/taylor ornament, and tristan surprised me with a coke ornament...THEN WITH A VINTAGE ANNIE PEZ DISPENSER!!!
we found that the LOADS of kitsch i come with fits perfectly as ornaments! (bet you didn't know i LOVE elvis ornaments for no particular reason)
and some photos!

also, hanukah (we represent all holidays here) is this week! we got an awesome manorah, and i'll post pics soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

so, thanks.

this has been an extremely big year for me in a lot of ways, and just to put it out in the blog-o-sphere i'm really grateful & thankful for it all. it's like my blog took mushy pills this week!!! LOL.

i'm not going to list out everything & everyone because i could go on for a decade, but if you follow my blog and read back, especially the last few posts you'll know of a few of the recent things that make the top of the list (some love posts, moving posts, art posts, mentor posts, etc.)

i WILL make note here that i am blown away by the constant support some of you give me, especially via twitter. There is something really amazing about living states, sometimes continents away from people who you've never met, or met a few times and having them be the first to give you positive feedback and share in congrats.
I'm thankful to have you in my life.

Friendships change, evolve, etc & over the past few months, as tristan (who i'm obvs thankful for) has grown to be an extremely important part of my life I have had a lot of balancing acts to do. I haven't always been great at it and so I'm thankful for those of you who have put up with my being around less, being less in touch, etc. and have still managed to be really supportive of me as i try to manage these transitions!
(you know who you are, and i am really really thankful for you)

I am very thankful for the health of my friends and family- my dad in particular. Sometime in late January I posted he was cancer free for a year, and a few days later we had another bump in the road. I'm thankful he is healthy! (and for health in general)
I have a few friends with parents who are fighting cancer now, and a few who have lost parents this year. I have a few friends healing broken hearts, recovering from operations (big and small) and some cuddling new born babies. Sending an e-hug and well, more accurately an e-shot of vodka and hoping all is calm and peaceful this holiday season to you and yours.

i remain ever thankful for caffeine. and for twitter. and for the fact my sister (hi rachel, this is the first you are hearing of this) will be helping me unpack my clothing tomorrow in a new closet. :-)

oh! and thankful for my mom...because i could never write a thankful post and not mention her. :-)
and so gobble gobble...

***one more thing...
my vision. i have a super-hero eye doctor who, despite his own battle with cancer, has preformed miracles on my eyes this year. i am thankful to him. like a latte. a grande latte.

window party photos!

my dad just called me asking for me to post some pictures of the barney's windows so here i post...(hi dad!)
A week ago today i went to the coolest party of all time to celebrate the unveiling with my friend liz, who as mentioned in a few posts below sculpted the heads of the food network chefs!!
here are some window photos...

some photos of liz & i with the celebs!! it was really amazing to watch their reactions as liz would explain that she made their heads. every single one adored her work!!! mario kissed her on the head, paula...well there are no words for paula's amazing reaction. anyway, liz will be posting video footage of those moments soon so be sure to check out here site, HERE...
liz and mario batali:


bobby flay!

anthony bourdain!

and BAM!!!!!!!!!! emeril!

and here are some of my favorite people who have already seen the windows!!! seriously if you're in the nyc area this holiday season make a trip to barneys. it's amazing to see in person.

something tells me this month will be a very barney photo filled one on this blog lol!
hope you enjoyed! :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

you know what?

as of yesterday, tristan and i officially live together!
the past nine months have been, well, awesome and living together is an amazing step that i'm excited we are taking together. when i'm all settled in you better believe there will be a photo filled blog post.

change, however, is not one of the easiest things. i lived in my apartment for the last 3 years (which is very long for nyc renting standards) and it's filled with some of the best memories of my life.
Living with friends can either make our break your relationships. Trust me, i know this for a FACT. Melissa and I kinda hit the jackpot on this one, it made our friendship better than ever.
The good news is my move was only 20 blocks away, so i see many nights of wii tournaments, glee marathons, and takeout in our future. plus big daddy's diner is literally the halway point, and trust me...if anything should be the halfway point between our apts, it should be a good diner.

and as for kelly ripa cat, she is doing well considering she is not the most well adjusted cat in the world. she did actually make an appearance on the bed last night, and purred- LOUDLY...i take that as her way of saying she likes the new pad.
many updates on all of the above to come, i am sure...:-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

sparkle, margot, sparkle!

a few weeks ago i showed a teaser pic from a painting commission i was working on and couldn't give much info...but now i can :-)
it was for swarovski, the amazing crystal company!
i was asked to paint something to work as a table top, a round jewelry stand, a bunch of spray paint cans and a LARGE grafitti style painting to sit with their spring collection for a press event. I can't actually post pictures of the spring collection displayed with my paintings, but i can tell you that the collection is beautiful and so to keep your eye on their website/stores because holy SPARKLE!
and here are some photos of the work i did...(please note that eliot & erika are the name of swarovski characters and that there is a necklace in the pics, that's mine- an erica :-)

special thanks to melissa for suggesting me for this job, AND for staying up very late with me during my all-nighter watching the sound of music reunion episode of oprah...on repeat.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on dreamcatching...& sculpting :-)

Pretty much everyone who knows me knows who my favorite artist is...Liz Lomax. For the past (almost)6 years she has been an incredible friend, support & mentor to me and a few months ago got the most amazing commission on the create larger than life sized heads representing food network stars for the holiday windows at Barney's. Barney's is known for having the most amazing windows of any NYC department store, and I couldn't have been more excited and proud of Liz! (she deserves it, she's kinda awesome)
and my excitement reached an absolute new level whennnnnn....she asked me to help out!
being able to be a part of this has been so incredible. I can't thank her enough for the opportunity and will now share some amazing behind the scene pics...
this is Liz making Paula Deen...

and a finished paula deen with an almost done barefoot contessa!

below is amy (amy came in from texax to help liz for a month. she's amazing, so talented & when her website is up I'll tell you all it!! Hi amy!!!) & liz with a started emeril and guy fieri!!

this is my family & liz with a started anthony bourdain & bobby flay!! LOOK HOW BIG THEY ARE!

and a few random photos of liz's process...

When you're in your 20's and just trying to get by coming across someone like Liz can really change your life. I speak from an art student point of view, but really it applies to everything. That's the age where you're sorting our your career, etc and sometimes...lots of times...people turn away from what they truly love to do because it isn't "practical" or "traditional" as far as the job thing goes.
Then someone like Liz stands up in a lecture hall of college students and tells them that it CAN be done...ANYTHING can be done.
Having watched her career grow during our friendship, I know she means it and it gets more inspiring every day.

you can link to her website HERE and her twitter HERE and I can't wait to post more pics after the Barney's party tonight night :-)

and if you're in NYC go see the windows on Madison & 60th!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

for the kiddo...or the kiddo at heart ;-)

a great update to the play kitchen...a play BBQ! found HERE:

free people has kids line, WEE cute, every single thing is beyond adorable. take a look, HERE:

such a fun little gift, from age 7 through 107 :-), found HERE:

does it get better than lego walkie talkies...doubtful. found HERE:

fun & fancy earbuds! found HERE:

and HERE: