Friday, February 25, 2011

a little life update!

it's been a very big (few) week(s)! i lost a job and got a new (really exciting)one! i start on monday and couldn't be happier about this opportunity. AND I WENT TO CHICAGO TO SEE OPRAH...and spent lots of time with my friends taylor & frank! I also had the best dairy free cupcake of my life, got my bridesmaid dress for a wedding, spent lots of time with kellyripa cat, joined a beer club, and did i mention i saw oprah????!!!!
and now a few photos...including one of the world's cutest deviled egg. (how often does one get to type that phrase?)

annnnd tristan and i celebrated 1 Year!!!

photo taken by jeremy patlen, visit his site here!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Le Dragon

I'm working on some new illustrations and thought I'd share one!
Here is my dragon....which started as these doodles on post its:

and then became...

which then becameeeee:

(click to enlarge the image so you can see more detail)
happy presidents day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

on love...

i love tristan. :-)

i love having a rainbow maker (thanks, victoria!) because at random times during the day, when light hits it a certain way rainbows appear all over the room. it's so cool, and kinda magical- found HERE!

i love sleeping fairy godbabies :-)

i love dark chocolate m&m's....and everything my mom put in a sweet package she sent over :-)

and i love that this image came up when i googled dark chocolate m&m's...

i love waking up to a little blue box with a new lucky charm in it....sweetest valentine ever!

i love these photos of my parents from before margot...i meant to post these on their anniversary but forgot! so now they make the love post :-)
i love eataly! if you're in nyc, you should totally go...delicious & fun!

i love Robyn, and have seen her 2 times in concert thanks to Liz. Thanks, Liz!!!!!
i love having a boyfriend who knows how to pull off the world's biggest surprise...YES, i'm going to Oprah!! i predict many posts dedicated to this subject in the future ;-)

i love just beiber. and i love that my friends are people who will wait on line to take a picture with a cardboard cutout. i also love that i'll most likely be seeing this movie again in chicago, and again waiting on line to take a photo. :-)

this has been a CRAZY week for me...and for lots of people i know. i will not go into it on this blog, but i do look forward to posting positive news in the near future!
a horoscope of mine last week read "Life is good and about to get even better. Cosmic activity in one of the most positive areas of your chart will open new doors over the next few days and all you really need is the courage to walk through them."
I'll keep you posted on those doors...Happy Valentines Day!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

spread the love...a valentine gift guide :-)

I recently was given a zagat smartbox, and i can't speak more highly about it! It comes with a $100 giftcard & a book listing tons of zagat rated restaurants to choose from! Tristan and I had a great meal from it and a ton of fun learning about other amazing restaurants. You can find out more about the zagat smartbox HERE! It would make a great Valentine's gift especially because it is an experience you can share :-)

something sparkly from swarovski! found HERE:

Coach has some LOVEly pieces out in the spirit of valentine's day...found HERE:

and these shoes are great, and festive! found HERE: