Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This little peanut is ONE!

Happy first birthday to sweet baby Quinn! Feels like just yesterday we were walking down the hospital halls eager to meet you. Watching you grow, learn and smile has been the absolute best! 

Monday, July 22, 2013


Lately has been very HOT here in the city (although upper left pic was taken in Rhode Island), and it's also been kinda awesome.  One of my besties and her baby, my Mini BFF were in town, our niece learned to talk a bit and walk, my dad caught a foul ball, and we're discovering new restaurants in our neighborhood.  How has your lately been?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yee Haw! My Global Talent Search Submission

So time and time again I fall in love with illustrations I see with a full color focal point and a tonal background.  It's unclear to me why I never tried it before…until now! I'm really proud of this piece. I think it really answers the assignment of having a vintage playground inspired journal cover that says the word "playground".  This is not my usual color palette, and I think it was good to try something new, but still within my style.  I have a few pieces in the works right now for a very special nursery art commission which I'll be sharing soon, and want to definitely take what I learned here and try there.

This piece is my submission for Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search.  Lilla is my dream illustration agent, and if you win the competition you get represented by her for 2 years.  Holy WOW. Anyway, being able to compete and feel proud of myself is definitely great, so either way I am glad to have participated.  It also turns out, my weeks of waking up for the course I just took has kept me really disciplined and dedicated.  I'm just going to keep working on this schedule while I have pending projects, because well, it's working!

Below are some images of progress along the way.  I doodled very loosely, then drew a vector version, then digitally collaged. The font is my handwriting scanned in and turned into vector elements. 

Also check out my friend Jenipher's work! We both took the course together and it's been a lot fun and really encouraging to have a friend to email back and forth with about the course and our projects! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 5!

Week 5- WEEK 5? When did that happen? Wow, this chunk o' time F-L-E-W by! Week 5's assignment focused on hyper lush collections, and making a pouch design.  I had trouble focusing my collections down in the beginning. Eventually after scrapping an almost complete version, I decided on beach. I have zillions of beach charms left over from my wedding seat placers, and decided to go with that. 

Here's my finished pouch design, complete with a watermelon pedicure.  Again, like some of the other assignments, this isn't children-targeted which is something new and exciting for me! That's probably the best part of having taken the class, I really started to explore new territory.  Also meeting lots of creative folks was a huge perk.  Reading the class feed on Facebook literally became my hobby over the past month!

Now the Make Art That Sells class has a break until October, but in the meanwhile I'm participating in Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search and finishing some very special nursery art for my nephew-to-be, so I'll be keeping busy!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to School- Week 4!

What's collaged and red and orange all over? My dreamcatcher piece. 

For the 4th week of Make Art That Sells the project was "wall art" and the color palette was dictated by each astrological sign.  I'm a gemini, and was assigned red & orange. We were also encouraged to paint and collage (yay!!!) and work abstractly.  I really really struggled with the abstract thing, but my brain took a turn when I realized that dreams are abstract and that maybe I could play on that. Also, I'm a sucker for a vintage doily and have an amazing collection.  The doily in this piece was made by my friend Taylor's great grandmother! When the assignment colors were given, I immediately started knotting friendship bracelets in my palette. I'm pleased to say they made it into the final piece, they're some of the dangling bits at the base!! The piece also had to be square and include a word, and my husband came up with Imagine. I played with a variety of fonts for this as well as handwriting trials, but in the end the nature of the piece really lent to collaging the word.  The floral touch is from a handkerchief that belonged to my grandmother! When I was making my wedding bouquet I acquired a lot of my grandmother's supplies and it's fun to now use them in my art.  Gives it an extra personal and vintage touch.

After I finished, I was still stuck on the fact that I was so opposed to abstraction.  Without going all art school on ya, let's just say it's actually never been an easy category for me to dive into.  I tried an exercise where I chopped up my final piece and rearranged pieces.  The result is….ABSTRACT! And best of all, I actually like it! It has my dream handwriting because I actually did this exercise right before I added "Imagine" in and took "dream" out. 

Overall, this assignment was probably the one where I think my personal art experienced the most growth.  I almost always do art with a specific consumer in mind, so doing art for me that would leave the page of a sketch book was a treat.  

I can NOT believe we are on to the last week.  I have loved the last five weeks so much.  I haven't been this tired in ages, but in the best kind of way possible.  Also my husband, friends and fam have been so supportive which is amazing.  Hoping I can keep up this momentum during the break before part B, which begins in October!