Tuesday, November 23, 2010

window party photos!

my dad just called me asking for me to post some pictures of the barney's windows so here i post...(hi dad!)
A week ago today i went to the coolest party of all time to celebrate the unveiling with my friend liz, who as mentioned in a few posts below sculpted the heads of the food network chefs!!
here are some window photos...

some photos of liz & i with the celebs!! it was really amazing to watch their reactions as liz would explain that she made their heads. every single one adored her work!!! mario kissed her on the head, paula...well there are no words for paula's amazing reaction. anyway, liz will be posting video footage of those moments soon so be sure to check out here site, HERE...
liz and mario batali:


bobby flay!

anthony bourdain!

and BAM!!!!!!!!!! emeril!

and here are some of my favorite people who have already seen the windows!!! seriously if you're in the nyc area this holiday season make a trip to barneys. it's amazing to see in person.

something tells me this month will be a very barney photo filled one on this blog lol!
hope you enjoyed! :-)


Linsey said...

we have LOTS to be proud of & Thankful for! love you!!

Steph said...

Aw loved all your pictures, and that's one amazing window display!!