Friday, November 19, 2010

sparkle, margot, sparkle!

a few weeks ago i showed a teaser pic from a painting commission i was working on and couldn't give much info...but now i can :-)
it was for swarovski, the amazing crystal company!
i was asked to paint something to work as a table top, a round jewelry stand, a bunch of spray paint cans and a LARGE grafitti style painting to sit with their spring collection for a press event. I can't actually post pictures of the spring collection displayed with my paintings, but i can tell you that the collection is beautiful and so to keep your eye on their website/stores because holy SPARKLE!
and here are some photos of the work i did...(please note that eliot & erika are the name of swarovski characters and that there is a necklace in the pics, that's mine- an erica :-)

special thanks to melissa for suggesting me for this job, AND for staying up very late with me during my all-nighter watching the sound of music reunion episode of oprah...on repeat.


Jamie said...

SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

Lehua said...

You are so talented!!
I love it!

Steph said...

Wow you painted that? I loooove it, so fun!!