Friday, November 12, 2010

fa la la la lady gift guide!

some holiday gift ideas! i'll be back next week with a guide for everyone!

for zee glam gal...found HERE:

for your favorite diva...earmuff headphones!!! found HERE:

for the organizer...the cuuuuutest planner (i have it, i love it, i am not an organizer ha!) found HERE:

for the crafter...a nice vintage paper pack found HERE:

and this book- i have it, i love it, found HERE:

for the tech-savvy chica...swarovski has the cutest memory sticks!! found HERE:

and for the girl who is in the process of moving into her boyfriend's apartment and redecorating...Hhahahahahhaha....these beautiful curtains! (she would need two, and loves them in the gray color...just saying)
found HERE:


{eleise} said...
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{eleise} said...

OOO I want the headbands! They are great!

Lehua said...

Those earmuff headphones are so cute!
And I totally have the ruffle shower curtain!

RMiller said...

I almost bought you that book!! glad I didn't lolol!