Sunday, May 31, 2009

the blog world...

as many of you know, i'm obsessed obsessed obsessed with creative blogs and their bloggers! because of the amazing online classes i have taken, i have made so many amazing e-friends...and one- Kristin Krause of Ohio (known on flicker and twitter as eklektick) made this and wrote happy birthday to me as a caption! i am so blown away, i had to post it!
thanks kristin!!!!!!
for a link to her flickr page, she's so talented!!! be sure to check out the bedding she paints, it's incredible!

**also please see on lower left of screen (your left, not the computer's left) an UPDATED list of blogs to check out! i follow a gazillion, so i had to post some of them there so you can toooooo**

it's still my party and i STILL can make everyone...

wear heart sunglasses! (glasses courtesy of nick!)
:-) thanks to my peeps for making this a nice day! thanks to the weather man for saying rain but it really only raining for like 10 min! and thanks to my sis for encouraging me to get a sunburn in hopes that it fades to a tan hahahah. oh and thanks to my mom for having me haha, and thanks to cindy's (my nail salon) for having the colors i wanted for my nails AND toes, and thanks to echo for making me A DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATE CHEESE CAKE!! (and commuting it!) and thanks to liz for posting this- click here! so sweet! and thanks to my blog world friends for emails, and tweets, and cards! i'm touched!!! :-)

and in today's self portrait- inspired by the words of Sabrina Ward Harrison...expect a lot of her quotes in the future from me, her words and art make my jaw drop!

on being 26...

i have been 26 for 26 minutes now. it's going pretty well! :-)
my parents got me DAIRY FREE COOKIES the other night at our grey garden's bash- more to come on that later....
and in my new old(er) age, i've learned that IT'S MY BIRTHDAY so i can make ANYONE wear heart shaped sunglasses who i want to! :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

on jewelry making, self portraits, and travel

my grandmother was a crafter, a serious one! and while i didn't really know that side of her (she lost the hobbies with age) i have inherited some of her tools! i have buttons of hers, yarn, sewing needles, and my favorite- this pair of scissors! i'm rocking the scissors big time while making things for my newest hobby- MERCH! by margot's jewelry line!

and 2 recent self portraits of the day:

i think i'm getting more experimental as the days quickly go by...
1 WEEK FROM TODAY I WILL BE IN MISSOURI! i can NOT wait. i need a vaca very badly and why not meet my favorite crafters while i'm at it! :-) and some lovely sistah sistah time too!

best find ever?

i think so! :-)
good to know i still have the same taste!

this comment was left on a post a few days ago:
"Margot - had a dream about you last night.
Ben and I came to New York and you had somehow replaced David Letterman and became the host of the Tonight Show.
You made me get up in the middle of the show and run off to buy you a hot dog.
It was so strange. :)"
i had to re post it because it is the best thing i've ever read. for the record, i would love to host a show and i ADORE HOTDOGS!
(toni, email me your address i have something silly to send you!!!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

on equality...

i never ever ever get political on here (except to tell u that i heart obama) but i do feel the need to say something about all the hoopla about gay marriage.
i am a firm firm firm believer that EVERYONE should be treated equally and as long as people are happy, and not harming anyone WHO CARES WHO MARRIES WHO. some of my best friends in the world are gay, and i hope to be at their weddings one day! i might lose readers by saying this, but i am happy to because i don't want readers who don't believe in equality! right? right!
so with that said, i love these pics of kathy griffin and her mom!
they totally made my day!

Steady Hand, Faulty Heart

is the name of the online journaling class i'm taking...and loving! here's a page from my journal, prompted by Rachel Denbow
i won't post super personal pages (you know, incase i start dating someone and he decides to read my blog...he doesn't need to know what i'm thinking about him!)
so here are my first 2 pages...
anyway, ironically, for someone with big thoughts my journal is TINY. don't know why i chose the world's smallest book!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sneak peaks!

of some jewelry i've been working on!
some pretty...some pretty kitch!

Monday, May 25, 2009

everybody ROLLER dance now!

ran into leslie- my roller instructor from a few years ago! he ALWAYS wears purple!

some central park photos from this afternoon. can't believe this weekend is coming to an end- it was a great one!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eight things!

i was tagged by nicole-the-poet so here i go!
Eight Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1) my trip to missouri (SO SOON)
2) hanging out at the boat basin with my peeps
3) my next serving of dairy-free soft serve
4) having a DAY OFF tomorrow
5) experimenting with shrinky dinks
6) working on a blog header for my friend mike!
7) making a patchwork pillow
8) the 4 online journal classes (3 of which i start tomorrow)

Eight Things I Did Yesterday
1) took the long island railroad
2) MET NICK'S SISTER! (after 7 years of amazing friendship with nick, i felt like i knew his sister already, but we finally met!)
3) ate at my favorite diner
4) babysat 5 CHILDREN
5) took some photos of baby piper for the first time since she was really tiny!
6) got a lot of mosquito bites
7) had dinner with melissa at bellini (it's byob, we love byob)
8) made some jewelry on the train

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do
5) add more hours to the day
6) add more hours to sleep
7) illustrate a children's book (ooo, an illustration for a nicole-the-poet story coming very soon!)
8) teleport

Eight Shows I Watch
1) gossip girl
2) grey's anatomy (sometimes)
3) the soup
4) ummm, i can't pay attention for tv. melissa please comment if there is any other show i watch, i can't remember HAHAH.

Eight Bloggers I am Tagging:
1) Ashley-
2) Janel-
3) Laura-
4) Jenipher-
5) Liz-
6) Astrid-
7) Toni-
8) Jeremy-

thanks nicole!
and here's a picture of piper (one of the 8 things i did yesterday!)

coolest building ever

my dad pulled a quick u-turn when we spotted this!!!!