Thursday, December 31, 2009

i hereby resolute...

to not resolute.
last year i made a list, a long one and failed to do pretty much everything. so now, dec 31 i'm thinking i wasted 365 days. so reverse psychology for 2010! i am just going to try and have a nice year. easy enough!
i wish you all a happy and a healthy. it's been an amazing blog- year. i've gotten close and been able to meet so many of you. i hope to meet even more in 2010!

this year two people important to me had AND BEAT cancer!!! 2 babies close to me were born!! and one relative is expecting :-)
obama is the president, i am both employed full time and the co-owner of a company, and wonton (the cat in the post below) is home recovering happily from his surgery.
i got to tell the real kelly ripa that my cat's name is kelly ripa and tina fey that i look like her. where the wild things are was made into a movie and i traveled to london, vegas, missouri, and florida.
in the scheme of things this year wasn't my favorite, but i am lucky to be able to sincerely say, life is good.

i had a 50 book reading goal for this past year. I am very close to ending 2 books, but i only actually completed 31. and in case you were wondering, here is what i read!
(in order)
1. knit two
2. wishful drinking
3. it's kind of a funny story
4. belong to me
5. ella minnow pea
6. 3 willows
7. sheer abandon
8. new moon
9. eclipse
10. the secret life of cee cee wilkes
11. my horizontal life
12. beach music
13. comfort food.
14. pride and prejudice and zombies
15. forever
16. julie and jlia
17. wifey
18. the imposter's daughter
19. the time travelers wife
20. she's come undone
21. the book thief
22. official book club slection
23. vinegar hill
24. say you're one of them
25. encylcopeida of an ordinary life
26. still alice
27. candy everybody wants
28. the help
29. thanksgiving
30. cleaving
31. knit the season

even though i didn't reach my goal, i did start and end the year with a book by the same author. which is cool, in my opinion lol.
(and btw i vote the help and she's come undone the best books i read this year)

and 2010 will be the year i complete my 365 project. and i'll leave you with day 281's photo...

happy new year :-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

another year (almost) over...

some photo highlights of 2009 are no particular order...
can't believe this year went by so fast. can't exactly say i'm sad to see it go though. i'm ready for a new one. some comeon' 2010!! let's make this one good!

and wonton is under the weather these days...wishing him a speedy recovery!!!

ps how cute is he? the son my mother never had...

Sunday, December 27, 2009


how was your holiday?!?!? do tell do tell!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

merry kitschmas!


(yes i do own this book hehe, got it at borders last year!)



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

hope you had yourself...

a lovely snow little weekend...

(mom the pajamas the girls are wearing in the highchairs are from you!)
(vivs i snapped the bear hat pics for you!)
(the first picture was snapped this morning on my walk to work, it's central park)
(happy monday)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

some lunch time photos...

i see this random dude in macy's and at parades all the time!
what a nut!
i adore crazies! hahah, he's very nice though and always happy to pose for a pic!