Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 5!

Week 5- WEEK 5? When did that happen? Wow, this chunk o' time F-L-E-W by! Week 5's assignment focused on hyper lush collections, and making a pouch design.  I had trouble focusing my collections down in the beginning. Eventually after scrapping an almost complete version, I decided on beach. I have zillions of beach charms left over from my wedding seat placers, and decided to go with that. 

Here's my finished pouch design, complete with a watermelon pedicure.  Again, like some of the other assignments, this isn't children-targeted which is something new and exciting for me! That's probably the best part of having taken the class, I really started to explore new territory.  Also meeting lots of creative folks was a huge perk.  Reading the class feed on Facebook literally became my hobby over the past month!

Now the Make Art That Sells class has a break until October, but in the meanwhile I'm participating in Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search and finishing some very special nursery art for my nephew-to-be, so I'll be keeping busy!

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