Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yee Haw! My Global Talent Search Submission

So time and time again I fall in love with illustrations I see with a full color focal point and a tonal background.  It's unclear to me why I never tried it before…until now! I'm really proud of this piece. I think it really answers the assignment of having a vintage playground inspired journal cover that says the word "playground".  This is not my usual color palette, and I think it was good to try something new, but still within my style.  I have a few pieces in the works right now for a very special nursery art commission which I'll be sharing soon, and want to definitely take what I learned here and try there.

This piece is my submission for Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search.  Lilla is my dream illustration agent, and if you win the competition you get represented by her for 2 years.  Holy WOW. Anyway, being able to compete and feel proud of myself is definitely great, so either way I am glad to have participated.  It also turns out, my weeks of waking up for the course I just took has kept me really disciplined and dedicated.  I'm just going to keep working on this schedule while I have pending projects, because well, it's working!

Below are some images of progress along the way.  I doodled very loosely, then drew a vector version, then digitally collaged. The font is my handwriting scanned in and turned into vector elements. 

Also check out my friend Jenipher's work! We both took the course together and it's been a lot fun and really encouraging to have a friend to email back and forth with about the course and our projects! 


Jenean said...

This is awesome! I love it!!

gina said...

this is excellent work. u should be very proud. i think you'll make it to the top get ready!

margot said...

oh thank you so much! Being in the top 50 would be incredible, thank you for even thinking of me in that category!!