Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to School- Week 4!

What's collaged and red and orange all over? My dreamcatcher piece. 

For the 4th week of Make Art That Sells the project was "wall art" and the color palette was dictated by each astrological sign.  I'm a gemini, and was assigned red & orange. We were also encouraged to paint and collage (yay!!!) and work abstractly.  I really really struggled with the abstract thing, but my brain took a turn when I realized that dreams are abstract and that maybe I could play on that. Also, I'm a sucker for a vintage doily and have an amazing collection.  The doily in this piece was made by my friend Taylor's great grandmother! When the assignment colors were given, I immediately started knotting friendship bracelets in my palette. I'm pleased to say they made it into the final piece, they're some of the dangling bits at the base!! The piece also had to be square and include a word, and my husband came up with Imagine. I played with a variety of fonts for this as well as handwriting trials, but in the end the nature of the piece really lent to collaging the word.  The floral touch is from a handkerchief that belonged to my grandmother! When I was making my wedding bouquet I acquired a lot of my grandmother's supplies and it's fun to now use them in my art.  Gives it an extra personal and vintage touch.

After I finished, I was still stuck on the fact that I was so opposed to abstraction.  Without going all art school on ya, let's just say it's actually never been an easy category for me to dive into.  I tried an exercise where I chopped up my final piece and rearranged pieces.  The result is….ABSTRACT! And best of all, I actually like it! It has my dream handwriting because I actually did this exercise right before I added "Imagine" in and took "dream" out. 

Overall, this assignment was probably the one where I think my personal art experienced the most growth.  I almost always do art with a specific consumer in mind, so doing art for me that would leave the page of a sketch book was a treat.  

I can NOT believe we are on to the last week.  I have loved the last five weeks so much.  I haven't been this tired in ages, but in the best kind of way possible.  Also my husband, friends and fam have been so supportive which is amazing.  Hoping I can keep up this momentum during the break before part B, which begins in October! 

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