Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a lovely little gift guide for today!

(the ring is from swarovski, the necklace is free people, the gloves are www.polkadotrobot.com, the shoes are bc footwear, the umbrellas are totes)

and i must also mention THIS etsy shop, untamed menagerie! i got a beautiful necklace from there in the mail yesterday, and i am blown away at the quality and how nice it is!
here are a few images of items in the shop!

(and i own this necklace in the silver coloring)


JenCoen said...

Pack it up, ship it out. My addy is... lol.
Some seriously fun stuff there... I absolutely love Untamed Menagerie!

Vivianna said...

OMG I really want the ring!

margot said...

:-) i am getting that ring in black & silver for hanukah! :-)