Friday, December 11, 2009

wreaths, hanukah, and polaroids- oh my!

i made my sister a wreath! wanted it to be winter-ish but not holiday specific!
what do you think?!

the bow is finger knitted which i learned to do from KAT's great tutorial!!!
a city holiday picture my mom asked me to take! just like in the movies, this is really how they sell trees here!

and watch this hanukah video!!! i love it!

AND omgosh how great is this?! found HERE:

happy friday!


Miss Wanderlust said...

that wreath is amazing! like beyond amazing. I love all of the bling :)
you are so incredibly talented.

ashleyrwatts said...

It looks great! So cute - and so Margot! I'm sure she'll love it! :D

And, oh, SWOON! I love that brooch!

JenCoen said...

I LOOOOVE the wreath! That bow totally rocks!! :-)
And that brooch... i wants!! :-)

Jamie said...

Looove the wreath!!! The bow makes me happy! Great idea!!!! And love all the pics!!!! I love your city. =)

RachelDenbow said...

love how you used the knit garland! Great color, too!

Happy early Hanukkah!

Vivianna said...

It so lovely! I was thinking of you this morning when I was at Starbucks and they asked me what I wanted and I FORGOT! What the CUSS!

katie said...

i looove the wreath!!! it's such a good idea to use the finger knit garland for the bow! like ohmygosh! genius!!!!!!! and i ADORE that polaroid brooch!


Katherine said...

it looks great! i love the glitter--i might have to borrow that idea!

RMiller said...

I lovveee the wreath! Can't wait!!! Thanks!! :-)