Friday, February 25, 2011

a little life update!

it's been a very big (few) week(s)! i lost a job and got a new (really exciting)one! i start on monday and couldn't be happier about this opportunity. AND I WENT TO CHICAGO TO SEE OPRAH...and spent lots of time with my friends taylor & frank! I also had the best dairy free cupcake of my life, got my bridesmaid dress for a wedding, spent lots of time with kellyripa cat, joined a beer club, and did i mention i saw oprah????!!!!
and now a few photos...including one of the world's cutest deviled egg. (how often does one get to type that phrase?)

annnnd tristan and i celebrated 1 Year!!!

photo taken by jeremy patlen, visit his site here!


Lehua said...

yay! happy anniversary!
& just remember -- when one door closes, another one opens.

cheers to new beginnings.
xoxo <3

Lehua said...


birdoverhead said...
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birdoverhead said...

Wow! Love everlasting! Happy Anniversary!
Whose wedding??