Wednesday, February 2, 2011

spread the love...a valentine gift guide :-)

I recently was given a zagat smartbox, and i can't speak more highly about it! It comes with a $100 giftcard & a book listing tons of zagat rated restaurants to choose from! Tristan and I had a great meal from it and a ton of fun learning about other amazing restaurants. You can find out more about the zagat smartbox HERE! It would make a great Valentine's gift especially because it is an experience you can share :-)

something sparkly from swarovski! found HERE:

Coach has some LOVEly pieces out in the spirit of valentine's day...found HERE:

and these shoes are great, and festive! found HERE:


Bee said...

love the watch! i don't really like coach because its extremely popular where i live and thus extremely boring to me BUT i can't help but love love love their poppy line. heart.

Bruna said...

Beautiful seleccion!