Monday, December 16, 2013

A Very Sparkly Star

It's been pretty quiet around these bloggin' parts because it's been pretty busy in these real life parts! Before I share a recap of the last few weeks of the Make Art That Sells class, I want to share an awesome project I had the opportunity to work on for Swarovski. The iconic Rockefeller Center christmas tree is topped every year by a massive, beautifully, sparkly Swarovski star. At ground level during the holiday season, in Rockefellar center, stands a replica. Visitors can take their photo with it and read the informational panels around it, explaining the history of the star as well. This year, the aluminum panels holding up this star were designed by me, along with the informational panels!!

I had a great time working on it and an even greater time going to see it once it was installed. So far I've gone in the day pre-tree lightening, in the night pre-tree lightening and in the night post-tree lighting! Each time the coolness of the whole project remains. If you are in NYC this holiday season, go see it! It's right next to Anthropologie next to the Swarovski kiosk. It's hard to miss, because that star is super sparkly! Here are some photos from the various times I've stopped by:

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