Sunday, October 6, 2013

1 Year Anniversary!

Time is a really funny thing.  Sometimes events seem like they were ages ago, and sometimes like they were yesterday.  My wedding day feels like a big giant yesterday.  I remember a million moments from that day, and the days leading up to it, and that amazing feeling of happiness that just completely overcomes you the moment you say "I Do" to your best friend.  It probably helps that there are photos of that perfect moment plastered all over my apartment, haha!

Then I look at these snapshots, and the thousands more I have just like it, and say WOW what a year. We did a TON this year.  We celebrated and traveled and visited and shopped and ate and drank and celebrated more and traveled more and it was wonderful.  I am so lucky to have Tristan as a husband and so grateful to have had such an amazing wedding and such a fun year.  I look forward to a lifetime of more anniversaries and more memories with him.  Love is pretty awesome!!!!! So are anniversaries! So is my husband!

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