Thursday, September 12, 2013

ABC Circus Style

During the last course I took (which resumes on Oct 7 and I CAN'T WAIT) I had set up a very strict schedule for myself that involved waking up hours before I normally would.  I needed to make sure I could dedicate chunks of consecutive time every day.  Since I work full-time (and part-time) the early mornings are my only free time.  After a few days of getting into the swing of that schedule, it became fairly easy. I would definitely get tired by the time night came, and EXHAUSTED by the end of the week, but it felt really good to know I was working so hard and putting in the hours towards my goals.  

A lot of the artists who didn't make the next round of Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search started ABC projects, and I wanted to join.  After a few weeks of just talking about wanting to do it, I finally realized the only way I actually would is to go ahead and go back on my schedule.  So starting this past Monday I did!  I'm almost done with "C is for clown" and am debating on doing "U is for unicyle" or "R is for ringmaster" next.  I'm hoping to complete both of those before class begins and if I stick to this schedule I should be able to. Yay! 

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