Thursday, August 1, 2013


This morning I read through the list of Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search Top 50.  If I told you I'm not bummed to not have made this much anticipated list I'd be a big giant liar. What I can tell you that rejection is an important part of this process, and sometimes it stings more than others.  Luckily for me, moments like this remind me just how much I want to reach my creative goals and how hard I plan on working to do so.  

A lot of my classmates are working on personal ABC projects before the next section of the class starts.  I think the creative, encouraging environment that the Make Art That Sells forum has turned into is a perfect place to keep growing and testing out new things.  Even though I have a lot going on in the next few weeks I'm going to join them.

The top 50 Lilla chose out of the 1500 entries are stunning. Some truly amazing pieces, and it's really cool to see a lot of my classmates in there!!! Congrats to all who made it.  Check them out here:

Anyway, I felt true joy while creating my entry for this contest,  and at the end of the day that is most important.  So…onward!

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