Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eric Carle Themed Diaper Cake Tutorial

My sister-in-law Devin is expecting a baby boy this September!  My first nephew!!!  Her shower was this past weekend, and her sister Ashley and I wanted to surprise her with a diaper cake.  The World of Eric Carle has an amazing toy selection, and the mom-to-be loves this classic story so we thought it would be the perfect theme.  We watched a few YouTube's on how best to construct the cake, but formed our own way that was really simplified yet effective!  

Want to make one? Here's how:
*84 pack of diapers
*Rubber bands of assorted sizes (84 smaller ones, and about 10-15 larger ones) 
*Floral Wire
*Decorative Ribbons
*Assorted Toys to decorate cake
1.  We used a big range of product, from bath toys, to socks, to finger puppets and clip-on developmental toys.  The quantity of product you use is completely up to you, but we wanted this to be overflowing with cute Eric Carle items.  Unwrap the toys from their packaging and begin rolling diapers.  We rolled each one individually having the #1 diaper size on the inside so that all the diapers would be consistent.  Each diaper was individually wrapped with a smaller rubber band.  

2.  We then formed what I think look like mini flowers with the individual diaper rolls.  Put one in the center and then 6 around it to form the "flower" shape.  One of us held this in place while the other wrapped a larger rubber band around it to attach together.  Rubber bands are such a genius invention.  

3. Add more diapers around the exterior to get the size of the base to be larger.  This can be as large or small as you want. 
4. Repeat the process to make as many tiers of diapers as you'd like.  Out of our 84 size 1 diapers, 4 didn't fit into the cake of 3 tiers, but I'm sure my sister-in-law will be able to put those extra to use very soon!

5.  We then placed the Eric Carle Discovery Cube within the layers to make an extra tier and break up all the white that is the diapers.  This added great dimension to our cake and height.  It also has rings on the cube, which we thought would be great to hang other items from. 

6.  We used floral wire (because it's light and very flexible) to secure elements of the cube down to the rubber bands of the cake.  We were transporting this from Manhattan to Westchester for the baby shower and didn't want any bumps in the road to let the cake fall apart. 

7.  Take a break and watch your husband read a story to your adorable niece.  She was enjoying Eric Carle's Baby Animal Sound Book

8.  We then started adding on toys.  And more toys.  And more toys.  I highly recommend using toys with clip-on features because the cute caterpillar shaped clips made the toys easy to attach. 

9.  Secure the toys down with some extra floral wire so they stay in place.

10.  Top your cake! We used The World of Eric Carle's Lion Loop Rattle
11.  Cover up the rubber bands with pretty ribbons.  We used a different ribbon for each tier and tucked the knot ends in between diapers so they weren't that visible.  

12. Bring to a baby shower and be prepared for lots of ooo's and ahh's and awwwws! 

Check out The World of Eric Carle's Facebook page. They have lots of amazing craft, recipe, product info, party and DIY ideas along with giveaways!  Their Pinterest page is also great!

We can't wait to see our nephew playing with all these toys in a few months :-)

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