Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Tale of The Snail and The Rose Tree

Honestly, I'm too tired to blog about this LOL.  I have been putting 120% into the Make Art That Sells Course and loving it. However, if I told you my brain wasn't fried applesauce I'd be lying.  Can you even fry applesauce? I dunno.

Last week's assignment was to illustrate either the cover or a spread from a Hans Christina Andersen story, The Sane and the Roes Tree. The tale was grim, actually it was more than grim.  It was flat out depressing. BUTTTT, If I was illustrating it, I really would work to put a happy spin, hence my happy snail. 

The cover I submitted is below.  I actually have some changes I want to make now, but will do so after the course is over! 

Now, onto week 4! 

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