Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back to School!

Last week began Lilla Rogers' e-course, Make Art That Sells. The first week focused on studying mushrooms and pyrex and then turning the illustrations into bolt fabric designs. I had so much fun with it, and I hope it shows in my work. A challenge I had was limiting my colors. I am an every-color-under-the-sun kinda gal, but a recent portfolio critique suggested I limit myself more and with the number of color restrictions of fabric in mind, I took it to heart. 

Another challenge I had was not filling up an Etsy cart with zillions of vintage pyrex dishes. They're so pretty and researching them made me want to collect, but due to apartment living I refrained. ;-)

The course has been truly amazing so far. The talent in the class is unreal. Scrolling through the Flickr group or the Facebook group images literally looks like I'm at a gallery. I can't wait to see how the rest of the class unfolds.

An interesting twist for me has been that I haven't aimed my designs at children. Up until pretty much last week, I have worked 99.9% in children's markets. I dream of illustrating children's books and I work as a children's accessory designer, so this isn't really a surprise I guess. I just never thought about my illustrations on adult, lifestyle product, but the past week and a half has really opened my mind up to it. I have full intention on making a pot holder or 20 (haha) with my week 1 illustrations that would go in a grown-ups kitchen, not a play-sized one! I definitely definitely definitely plan on exploring this territory more.

On a personal note, I'm extremely proud of myself for setting the alarm clock and rising with the sun every week day since this course has begun. My husband sets the coffee timer (I love him) and I put on my bumpin' playlist and get to it without hesitation. I do work full-time and I have a side job as well, so mornings are really when I can dedicate a few uninterrupted hours to this course and I'm taking full advantage. I'm not going to lie and say I don't get tired. I do. At times, flat out exhausted. But, I plan on sticking to it and putting my hours in to achieve my best work possible. AND the best part about it is that I love it. Hey, maybe I'm destined to become a morning person?!?!?!

& those are my week one thoughts!  I am uploading all of my pieces to a Flickr Set, so feel free to follow my progress here:

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