Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Backpack Story

I really love when life things come full circle, so I thought it would be nice to share this.  By day, I am a children's accessory designer.  I primarily design bags, but I also make cold weather accessories, socks, umbrellas, water bottles and more.  I work mostly on licensed character products and have designed for everyone from Mickey Mouse to Justin Bieber.  

Back in the day,  I used to design a bit for the Smurfs, which was awesome to me because I used to draw them front of the TV as I watched on Saturday mornings.  I also spent my entire high school career saying that I wanted to work for Disney, and do design products for them now as well..... BUT nothing has been as exciting as designing for Lisa Frank! I mean, in so many ways Lisa Frank is the reason I can't control how much color I spill onto the page and why I really do adore a busy composition.  I see her influence all over my personal illustration work, and when I my company assigned me to design a backpack for her recently I was over the moon! It's a really amazing feeling to work on a property you loved as a child and it makes me truly grateful to have a job where I can be creative all day. 

You can see the Majesty Lisa Frank backpack, available at Toys R Us HERE!


Sarah Ryan said...

This is so fun!! I love Lisa Frank. If a girl in my elementary school was walking around with this I would have been sooooo jealous! Actaully...I think I'd still be jealous as an adult...

Jenni Price said...

I used to Dream of working for Disney and Lisa Frank too when I was younger!

Your backpack looks are very talented!

BTW, I'm glad you stopped by my blog recently and said hello!