Sunday, February 24, 2013

Le Owl

Lilla Rogers, my dream-agent, tweeted recently an image of this Thom Browne dress from Fashion Week. 
She wrote, "How would you make a piece of art based on this? Drawing the figure, or using the color palette of cherry red, purple-y grey, and white, or doing a pattern based on the print and the big stripes on the clothing? Show me! I'd love to see!"

So I took this assignment and gave it some thought. At first, I became really set on doing a collage illustration of a mouse in a field of flowers, obviously. 

Then i started, and just wasn't feeling it.  So I stared at the dress again for awhile, and all of a sudden it hit me- an owl with an umbrella, obviously. 

For this, the color palette was really important because I wanted to keep it inspired by the fashion.  I pulled the colors from the actual photo and scanned in some floral doodles that were a nod towards the floral pattern on the skirt and tights.

Here are some screen grabs of my progress:

And here is my final piece! (click to enlarge)

Lilla is teaching an e-course, Make Art That Sells and I can't wait! Join the waiting list to sign up for the class HERE.

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