Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Cake Topper of All Cake Toppers

Wanna know a secret? One of my bestest pals in the entire world happens to be the most talented human on earth. Yep, it's true. Liz Lomax, sculpture extraordinare, recreated Tristan and me for our cake topper. Tristan doesn't like cake, and I'm lactose intolerant, so Liz's amazing sculpture sat on top of tiered cupcakes. She captured every single detail in what Tristan and I were wearing completely, down to my complicated and ornate knob bouquet. She even nailed my engagement ring! Liz worked for ages, with her fiance (thank you Chris!!!), on it everywhere from England to Spain to NYC and I am eternally grateful. Her piece is so amazing and the likeness of us is insanely accurate!!! Everyone that said hello to us at the wedding (which was everyone...because it was our wedding haha) mentioned how jaw-droppingly gorgeous our cake topper was. Now it sits proudly on our shelf at home, safely protected by a glass dome. We will have it for the rest of our lives and it seriously makes me smile daily.

Liz sculpted Tristan and me in a taxi cab that plays homage to the style of cabs during the era my grandfather was a cab driver.  For those who don't know, Tristan tracked down my grandfather's cab and proposed to me in it! Liz sculpting us in that cab makes it just that more special.

Below are some photos of it in progress, including one from the wedding day where Liz put on some finishing touches in between hair & makeup!

And here are some photos of the finished product, by Off Beat Productions:

The sugar taxis that are on each of our cupcakes are from Lena's Gum Paste Creations on Etsy. Working with her for this custom order was a pleasure! Thank you Lena!

So many people say they don't really remember their wedding. They say it all becomes one beautiful blur. I do have to say I remember mine really well. I think that is because of the handmade and personal touches, and this unbelievable gift from my BFF is no exception. I have a clear vision of standing there to cut the cupcakes, next to my brand new husband, staring out towards the gorgeous topper with everyone close to me cheering and watching. It was incredible and this topper will always remind me of that perfect moment! Thank you Liz!!!!!!


Gwen's Art said...

This was such a beautiful cake topper! Watching the process makes me have so much more respect! LOVE IT :)

Unknown said...

Details, details, details!! WOW, aren't they what make things and PEOPLE so special?! Thank you, Margot, for sharing the story behind the making of an exceptionally original cake topper!