Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something Blue & Sweet

Pretty much as soon as Tristan & I got engaged, I started thinking about the candy bar I wanted at our wedding.  I have been reading the Amy Atlas blog for years and completely adore her work.  I think her displays are original and eye-catching.  Amy was definitely my inspiration throughout the whole process.  I also love pinterest for this sorta thing and spent hours and hours looking for creative ideas and interpretations.

Pretty early on, we decided having it "something blue" themed would be fun and I thought it would look great against our beach backdrop.  After ordering the candy and cookies for it, I got to work on signage for the candy bar itself.  I wanted it to match back to the bouquets I made for myself and my bridesmaids, and I wanted it to be unique.

What I came up with wasssssss…drum roll please….this:
(photo by Jimmy of Off Beat Productions)

I am really happy with how it came out, and photographed the process if you'd like to try to make your own or something similar.
*Glass base (something that won't melt in an oven!)
*Styrofoam ball to fit into the top
*Sculpy Ultra Light oven bake clay
*Assorted knobs, buttons, gems, papers, and ribbons (stay away from plastic items that might melt when heated in an oven)
*Krazy glue
*Florist pins with pretty pearls at the ends

Step 1: Gather your supplies. Make sure to have a large assortment of items and that all your supplies are not too heavy.

Step 2: Place the styrofoam ball (or oval) into your glass base.

Step 3: Cover the styrofoam area that's not in the glass with the Sculpy Ultra Light oven bake clay.  Make sure the layer of clay is not too thin, but no thicker than a quarter of an inch.

Step 4: Start with your large and heavy items and push them into the styrofoam base.  When using knobs, make sure to spread them out so all aren't in one area. Otherwise, your piece will topple over when complete.

Step 5: For items that need adhesive, coat them with Krazy Glue and use florist pins to secure down.  

Step 6: I inserted paper straws into the base that would later hold the sign that I printed, saying "Something Blue." Do not not not use plastic straws. They're thin and flimsy and will melt in the oven.

Step 7: Finish covering all clay areas and make sure all loose parts are secured with Krazy Glue and florist pins.

Step 8: Bake for 11 minutes at 275 degrees F. Yes, bake.  In your oven.  Stay close-by and if something smells like it's burning, remove it.
Trust me on this, I burnt an entire bouquet once.
Step 9: YOU DID IT! Now share some photos with me, I'd love to see!

Now all you need to do is supply the actual candy bar with candy and you're ready to go!


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Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a lovely work of art! Who would have tought that it's just made of cheap materials. It has transformed into elegant wedding piece. Love it!