Monday, December 17, 2012

Date 3 of 12!

Wellllll, some of you might know about my childhood obsession with the movie Annie, and how it's an obsession that I might not have ever outgrown. And some of you might even know that Tristan rented out the mansion the movie was filmed is on our wedding day for photos as a surprise to me…and now you know that for Date 3 of our 12 Dates of Christmas my husband took me to see Annie on Broadway! How cool/sweet/awesome is that? Very. Very very very.

We went out to dinner first at Sosa Borella, and Italian-Argentinian restaurant near the theater district. Then we went to the show, which was adorable! I loved it. If you have kids or a soft spot in your heart for Annie, go see it.  PLUS my friend Amy designed the styleguide for the musical. How amazing is that? 

Tonight is date 4! :-) 

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