Thursday, December 6, 2012

12 Dates of Christmas! (date 1)

Last year my friend Elsie was a a newlywed and started a tradition with her husband, inspired by Rockstar Diaries. The idea is….The 12 Dates of Christmas! 

Tristan and I altered it a bit to fit our schedules, so the 12 dates are not consecutive, they're spread out through December.  Also, I didn't make a cute advent calendar for them BUT I do plan on making one for next year!  

Anyway, last night was Tristan's pick and the first date of our tradition. We had dinner at the location of our first date, a bar on the Upper West Side called Cleopatra's Needle. Oddly enough, we have not been back since our first date and today marks 2 months of marriage for us!  

We had a great time and he surprised me with flowers. During our first date, I had texted my friend from the bathroom telling her it was going well and that I really liked him. I didn't text anyone from the bathroom this time, but good news! I still really like him :-)

So far this is a great tradition. The holiday season is so busy. Life is so busy! So it is really nice to schedule time to do special little somethings along the way.  Looking forward to the next 11 dates….I've got a special one planned for  Sunday evening. 

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