Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So very thankful…

I can NOT believe it's pretty much Thanksgiving. When did that happen?  Well, it happened! 

And so, without further ado, a list of some of the things that 2012 has made me thankful for:

I'm thankful for my husband- he's patient and kind and generous and funny and my best friend. I hit the jackpot, I really did. I'm so thankful for my parents and sister. I'm thankful to have a new in-law filled-family.  I'm thankful for our niece, the beautiful baby Quinn.  I'm so thankful for the dream wedding we were able to have this year. I'm thankful for the best group of friends a gal can ask for. I'm thankful for David's Tea, which I now drink nonstop daily. I'm thankful for skype, whats app, and texting. I'm thankful for friends & family coupons. I'm thankful for audiobooks. I'm thankful for KellyRipa Cat, who's becoming more and more social every day! I'm thankful for the game, DrawSomething with Friends (I'm margot531 if you want to play).  I'm thankful for soy greek yogurt.   I'm thankful to have a job where I can create every day.  I'm thankful for photoshop. I'm thankful for my eye doctor.  I'm thankful for gel manicures. 

And you? 

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