Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Sun'll Come Out...

This weekend, amongst a friend's wedding, a Madonna concert, our wedding tasting, and more we were somehow able to fit in a quick stop at….wait for it….
Annie is my All. Time. Favorite. Movie. Ever. It reminds me of every good childhood memory rolled into one, especially anything having to do with my grandfather. I can recite it from start to finish, facial expressions and all.  I collect Annie memorabilia and can't see a red dress anywhere without thinking about it.  **I realize this makes me sound a bit loony/obessive/nuts but, well, now you know.**

Anywhooooo, what happened was a friend of mine casually mentioned that her college was right near my wedding venue and that happened to be where they filmed Annie. I nearly lost my mind with excitement.

So after a fantastic food tasting/meeting with my family, and tristan's family and the wedding venue caterers,  my in-laws-to-be drove us there so I could pose for a photo!!! 

I think the mansion being so close to the place Tristan & I are getting married is a little wink from my grandfather from above. Dontcha think? 

For anyone searching for this for their own photo op, the mansion is in West Long Branch, New Jersey on the Monmouth University campus.  The building itself is called Wilson Hall. 

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