Monday, July 2, 2012

City Of Brotherly Love & Instagrams

Tristan & I recently took a weekend trip to Philadelphia! My childhood friend Rachel was getting married there, and we thought we'd make a little vacation out of it.  We had a really good time. Everything from the wedding (which was beautiful and SO fun) to a fancy schmancy dinner at Morimoto's was great. Turns out, Philly is an hour and a half train ride from NYC- not bad!!! It's a nice little city filled with beautiful street art, mosaics, and murals.
We did some shopping on South Street (got an AWESOME tin lamp that I'll have to post a photo of soon), Tristan had a Philly cheesesteak (when in Rome..or, um, Philadelphia) and we even had a few hours laying rooftop poolside. New York summers can be hot and sticky, and it was a great getaway for a few days. Here are some instagrams from our trip: 

Also, congrats to Rachel & Andrew! So glad we could be there to celebrate your marriage and looking forward to your upcoming move to NY!!!!


Sarah Ryan said...

Is that Eyes Gallery? I LOVE that place!!

margot said...

it is the Eyes Gallery!!! Such an amazing place!!