Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Picture Perfect!

A little over a week ago Tristan & I met with our wedding photographer for an engagement photoshoot.  I obsessed for a few weeks over MY VISION and I have to say, my fiance is one good sport!!! Jimmy, our photographer, sent us a preview of the images he took and I couldn't be happier with them. I think they capture Tristan & me really really well and most of all, I don't think they are cheesy. I am allergic to cheese….literally and figuratively. 

Here is an inspiration board I put together for the photoshoot:

We had planned on going to brooklyn to get some amazing city views, but decided on our roof about a week before. We hang out on our roof whenever possible, and we knew I would be able to create a set up there.  I also knew that if we shot near our apartment, I would be able to have outfit changes. Clearly, this is very important business.  

And here are a few photos:

(more to come!!)

Important things:
*Visit Jimmy's photography website HERE! Jimmy is from Kate Connolly Photography/ Off Beat Productions! 
*Tristan gifted me the yellow #wedo sign from iTagStudios. After my Wendy show appearance, we became in touch over twitter, so #wedo, #iloveyou, & # any sentiment really is special to us. The day I moved in with Tristan he got me the hello sign that now hangs on our door from the same shop.  He's one thoughtful fella! :-) 
*My dress is from Lulu's. I actually found it on Pinterest, fell in love and bought it about 2 days later.  It was my first order from Lulu's and I can definitely confirm I am a fan!
*Frye boots are a gift from my momager
*Cowboy boots are Jeffrey Campbell
*My green shirt is DKNY and jeans are DL 1961
*The picnic basket was part of a thoughtful picnic themed engagement gift from our friends Nikki & Mark
*Yellow plates are Fiestaware, gifted off our wedding registry from my parents
*Lavender is from the Union Sq Farmer's Market 
*The "Forever" silver letters are Wendy Addison for Tinsel Trading
*Tristan's tie is Tommy Hilfiger. It was one of his gift a day's he's getting for June in honor of his 30th birthday (June 25th!)
*Steps are on 100th street between Riverside Blvd and Riverside park
*Greenery shots are on the border of Riverside Park


liz said...

you guys are AMAZING!!!! i love this post and i love you both beyond words xx

margot said...

thank youuuuuu!! BFF!!!