Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I may not be the most over-the-top-romantic buuuuut, i AM a sucker for all things pink & hearts, therefore I really love Valentine's Day. Hope you all have a great day, especially my valentine!!

Here's a nice surprise I woke up to this morning...I'm obsessed with it, I've been eyeing this bag for a few months! Thank you, Tristan :-)
Can't wait to give Tristan his present later- I think he's going to love it. It's a combined gift, because our anniversary (2 years!!!) happens to be Thursday! We're both looking forward to our anniversary changing to October 6 after the wedding, this way we can spread out the celebrations.
And here are some sweet Valentine things you should check out:
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Let me know if there's anything out there in blog land you think i'd like to see!

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