Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sketchbook Project (THIS IS MY 1000TH POST!)

Last year I participated in The Sketchbook Project and when it came up again I decided to go for it! I really liked doing it last time, and even more than that I really liked seeing it at The Brooklyn Art Library months later on a date with Tristan. :-)
I decided to treat mine as a photo sketchbook this year. Since getting my Iphone in October, I've been instagram-crazy (or KRAY-KRAY as the Kardashian's would say…yes, I just wrote that) and decided to do something with them for this.
I'm also addicted to Japanese Washi tape, and have quite an ever-growing collection. If it needs to be taped close, it should look pretty! Right??? RIGHT!!!
The mini polaroid looking images were printed through Prinstagram.
The square images as well as the aluminum print for the cover were printed through PostalPix.
Have a look at some progress photos below and for information about The Sketchbook Project & tour click HERE.


Vivianna said...

This is so cool! I love the way your journal looks. I would love to do this sometime.

fashion jewels said...

wow its really beautiful.....