Monday, December 12, 2011

things that i love right now...

i'm done holiday shopping. like more than done lol. like if i buy something else my apt will probably explode. sooooo, i thought i'd just post things that i like in general here so i can get the thrill of online shopping without the, well, shopping!
here goes....
Anthropologie's charm collection is, well, charming! found HERE:

i really like earmuffs, but if i'm going to be completely honest here- i look looney in them. lol. i'm definitely a hat girl. and this hat is amazing, found HERE:

elbow patches...and the term "grandpa sweater"....i have one from target, and it's my new favorite item of clothing....
here's another cute one, found HERE:

the color yellow! this is a pretty vase- found HERE:

that's all for now. when i get the urge to shop again (in approximately 10 min haahaha most likely) i will post more :-)

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