Saturday, September 17, 2011


Once a upon a time….TEN (we are old) years ago , a group of gal pals met at Syracuse University. They were pretty much inseparable for years. And years. And years. And years. And years. They graduated college and all moved to New York City where they remained pretty much inseparable. Time went on, moves took place, jobs changed, life changed and still even with miles and states and hours between them they remained amazingly close.
And today, while some twitter feeds might lead one to believe they are going about their every day business as normal, I am here to report it's a LIE!
ACTUALLLLLLY, 3 of the gals have flown into Chicago to surprise the fourth as she is a very special bride-to-be and today is her wedding shower!!!

Looking forward to a great weekend filled with, well, SURPRISES, good friends & good times. It's been awhile since the four of us have been reunited, which will make this weekend extra special. Not to mention TAYLOR IS GETTING MARRIED!!
and here are some photos from a million memories past...

and taylor...SURPRISE! :-)

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Shane Keaney said...

you guys are the sweetest! xoxo