Monday, August 15, 2011

i hope your weekend was filled with....

surprise rooftop picnics,

pretty sunsets,

less than camera-shy cats,

and fairygodbabies that are cute as cupcakes!


Angela Christenson said...

Love the picnic basket set up....super cute! I haven't viewed your blog in ages. Congrats on your engagement. I will be getting married in Dec. of this year.

margot said...

We actually got the picnic basket filled with picnic supplies as an engagement present- it was so cool, awesome gift!!
congrats on your engagement as well :-)

flying scissors said...

What a great picnic place. + the quilt looks amazing gorgeous. Do you allready have a date for The wedding?
Have fun meeting Viviana today!

P.S. Your blog makeover looks great.

margot said...

thanks! no date yet, just enjoying engagement for a bit!!! :-)