Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friendship Headband!

I started out wanting to make a scarf, but then realized it was so thin! So I decided on a belt...then got antsy, and now have made it a headband!
Loop your yarn around something so that you can pull and it won't give. I used a chair and it worked really well.
I used Trendsetter brand Filosophy yarn found HERE.
Start knotting as if you would a normal friendship bracelet. There are loads of free friendship bracelet tutorials if you google. Youtube videos, too!
(please excuse the slightly grainy and off-colored look of these few photos...i didn't realize how bad the lighting was!!!)

Continue till your desired length and then braid the base. The braided base is what you will tie to the loop to make a headband!
(PS my friend Sara made the amazing flowers in this photo...they're paper! But that's for another post!)

and voila! a friendship headband!

If you make one be sure to share links, I'd love to see!!!

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