Saturday, July 2, 2011

something sweet & festive!!!

i know this may come as SHOCKING news to some of you, but I am not very domestic. Unlesssss, I am in the mood- which I was today! I wanted to make a special July 4th dessert and was inspired by THIS image on pinterest! I am lactose intolerant so no white chocolate for me, just dark! so see the below recipe in photos :-)

i got very into it and tried some banana slices too!!

AND then came a little homemade dairy-free icecream sandwich making! all is now cooling/freezing...looking forward to eating time!!!!

and i hadn't blogged in a bit but june 28 was my sister's birthday! happy 24 to rachel!!!


Lily Darger said...

Perfect timing!! I'm going to make use these for First Sunday tomorrow...


RMiller said...

omg so cute!!! I am very impressed :-) and thanks for the shout out!!

Shane Keaney said...

dark chocolate makes it better =)