Saturday, July 16, 2011

Map Maker, Map Maker make me a Map!

I thought I'd share a from rough sketch- finish illustration over on here! I decided to enter They Draw And Travel- site found HERE- because the contest seemed fun and well, i love to illustrate! I kinda strayed from actual map as this doesn't really tell you how to get anywhere LOL, but I am happy with it and got to work in my favorite medium, collage!!
have a looksie at my process...(click any image to make it larger!)

and here's a link to the final map on the webbie!

such a cool idea- i'm working on another one, that's more of an actual map now!! :-)
If you entered, i'd LOVE to see! Please share links!!!


Nick said...

This is kewl... love the color (and the pretzel)

Cherry Runway said...

You are SO very great! I can't wait to see your other map too!