Monday, December 20, 2010

the return of the chalkboard!!!

a huge huge huge thanks to the lovely rachel denbow.
after reading a tweet saying my chalkboard got ruined during my move, she shipped me one, along with a few other amazing things including a wreath that holds cards that i saw on her blog and loved AND gorgeous...GORGEOUS doilies.
blog world lets me know some really amazing people and rachel is a true friend! if you don't read her blog daily, you can find her HERE! and you can buy a chalkboard HERE!
**mine broke because i packed in a dysfunctional way- the chalkboard is amazing quality i highly recommend it!

thanks again, rach!!

and some other photos from a party tristan & i had this weekend!
i had wanted to set up a photobooth for awhile, and then read THIS post and went for it!
enjoy :-)

ho ho ho!


Chelseabird said...

Awwh, Rachael is such a sweetheart! I just adore here!

Ps Was the guy in the second to last photo on Millionaire Matchmaker? :]

RachelDenbow said...

YAY! So glad you were happy with them! That photo wreath find was so lucky. I never see them and it just happened to be right after you said you NEEDED one, too.

The thrifting gods must love you, lady!

margot said...

yes, he was on millionaire matchmaker!