Monday, September 20, 2010

helloooooo missouri!

first stop springfield!! i couldn't go to missouri and not go see some of my favorite people---elsie, rachel & erin sunday! and i got to meet emma! we had a nice coffee date, it was great to hang out in person. i wished we lived closer so we can do that more than, like um, once a year or so.

ANNNNND i finally got to meet this little lady!!!!!

so cute- Rachel has the sweetest little family. i thinnnnk they should take a vacation to new york! what do you think!?

next stop, ST LOUIS! to see janel, jamie and new friend eleise! and janel's sister, nicole, too!

and some random pictures from my travels...

was a great weekend! :-)


RachelDenbow said...

Aw, fun pics!

Jamie said...

I love your pics so much! You got some really great ones! Miss you! Hope you're feeling better and having a great day!!!!

{eleise} said...

LOVE the pics! =)

Lindsay said...

wow those are great pics!! I wish I could have made it. Next year when I go down there you have to go so I can finally meet you!!! deal?

Lehua said... looks like you girls had a blast! Im still all bummed about not being able to make it. :(

Linsey said...

why wasn't i invited??? luv, me

jeremy said...

you are THE best at being in jumping pics. everrrr!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw, looks like such a fun time! All of those girls are so nice and seem like they would be a blast in person (you too!!). And I can't get over how CUTE Ruby is! ADORABLE.