Monday, June 14, 2010

the sketchbook project

over at THIS blog, i found out about an awesome art project, that i am now signed up to participate in!!!

click HERE to sign up!
let me know if you're doing it too!!!!!! i'll be posting my pages here when the book arrives. i can't wait!
annnnnnnd as of this weekend, these little ladies can say my name :-) :-) :-)

just had to share!


janel. said...

I am totally in OF COURSE!!

Lehua said...

wooohoooo! remind me to look for your book when it goes on tour! im so excited to start!

Lindsay said...

what a fun idea!!! I hope you post pics of your journal!!! Have a great day pretty lady!

Nick said...

omg they look like their motherM

Katie said...

Those little ladies are so cute! :)

echo said...

awww they are looking more and more like nikki it's ridiculous!!!!!! so cute!!!