Monday, May 31, 2010

age 27

is off to a fantastic start.
i'm really lucky to have such amazing people in my life...
and a few pics are missing- (liz when you're off deadline i will be stalking you for them!!)

and in other news, i must say that while i am busy celebrating and lots of us are out there bbqing, etc it is a holiday that honors those lost at war....and today i read a blog friend's post that was really eye opening about the realities about having a loved one go off to deployment...anyway, have a read HERE and know that my thoughts and love go out to this family and the many others like them! i look forward to reading a lovely, happy post 6 months from now about how excited this family is to welcome their dad home!!!

and in happy other news, some bday photos :-)

something went wrong with the upload so the image is distorted, but so cute. my fav video ever!

and birthday shoutouts to 2 of my bloggie pals!!! Jamie & Jeremy celebrate tomorrow :-)

and special thanks to kristin for this amazing chalk shout-out!!!!


Lindsay said...

awww I just cried reading your paragraph at the top. It means so much that your praying for me and my family.

I hope you have an amazing Birthday and I love love all your pics..

Thank you Margot...thank you <3

janel. said...

Happy birthday cinderelly!!!
I love you so much and I wish that I could be up there in the NYC oartying with you tonight!!
You are such an amazing lady and I feel super blessed to call you one of my very favorite friends.
Thanks Margot!!

p.s. I would love you for-eva if you could find me those glasses!!!! We don't have cool stuff like that here in The Lou.

Jamie said...

So glad you had such a great birthday!!!! Awesome pics! You and Tristan look so cute together! ;) Love the chalk drawing! Thanks for the shout-out!!! Happy Birthday!!!! xoxo

echo said...

did you guys go to boat basin again? =) wish i was there