Saturday, February 20, 2010

spring into etsy...

at the start of every season i can't help but browze etsy for accessories!!
and well, it's not quiiittttteeee spring yet BUT i did notice that it wasn't PITCH BLACK at 6pm tonight so i vote, IT IS ALMOST SPRING!
so here are a few of my favorites from tonight's search...
ummm, i don't be shocked if i own shoes from THIS shop any day now...they're kinda hard to resist!!

pretty pretty hairclips, found HERE:

this is kinda maybe possibly the prettiest thing ever, found HERE:

and i love (a grande latte) this pretty pretty necklace found HERE:


katie said...

Pretty!!!!! I can't decide which I like the most!!! And, let me tell you! I am sooooo ready for spring. Ugh! I hate winter!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE Etsy, I think it may be like an addictioon really. They have endless cute stuff!!! Those shoes are gorgeous! I wish I could wear heels, I would tower over the hubby if I did, lol.