Saturday, February 20, 2010

pixelation, pottery & wendy- OH MY!

this weekend i am baby baby babysitting overnight style for the 3 peeps in my latest pixelation illustration! here it is, click to enlarge. (ps it's a bday gift for their mom, so for those that know her don't say you saw it yet LOL)

i am excited to say that since pixelation has been launched, i've had VERY little free time to do personal pieces, but since a few major deadlines have just been met I was able to squeeze this one in and i'm kinda in love with it. i also have a few personal pieces as gifts on the horizon :-)
let me know what you think of it!!!
also, last saturday (not sure if i mentioned?!) but my friend meg and i painted pottery...turns out that is one of the best ways ever to spend a saturday! AND we had a coupon! i picked up my pieces once they dried..i made a vase and a they are...and i see lots more pottery painting in my future...

this was a really really busy week for me, but also a really good one!
check out my parents in the wendy williams audience!!!!

(yeppers, i photograph my televsion set!! and yes i'm obsessed with the wendy williams show, and yes i'm obsessed with daytime tv in general)
how's your weekend going?


Jamie said...

I'm sooo in love with that pottery you painted!!!! AND your pixelation!! She will most definitely love it!!!! You're awesome. Your family always looks like they're having so much fun!

Christopher said...

GREAT POTTERY; Like all of your Pixelations this one is amazing and YAY! for your parents being n TV! haha :)

Cat said...

WOW!! I love your pottery! I just found out we have a pottery painting studio nearby, I might be checking it out soon. I love your mug and vase, so pretty! And your pixelations are awesome! I'm sure the mom is going to love it!!


echo said...

how cool!!! no wonder you're not picking up! i was in the city today and was wondering if i could come play... lol, oh well next time!

Taylor said...

Stevie is glowing. I love it.

Lindsay said...

pottery is so much fun! we have aplace around here I go to with my friend, we can just sit and talk for hours upon hours just painting away. Yours turned out gorgeous!! Love it! Your pixelations are super cute too!! Feel free to stop by my blog :)

Linsey said...

who's that adorable couple on wendy?