Thursday, January 14, 2010

a lovely award and a lovely list!

This award is for all the ladies in the blogging community that bring a smile to your face. So...along with this award I am to list 10 things that make me HAPPY and pass the award on to 10 ladies that make me smile.
the lovely KELLIE gave me this award- thank you so much! and for leaving so many sweet comments.
and now i have to list 10 things that i love :-) :-) :-)
which is hard, because i love about 10,000,000 things at the moment buuuut here we go...
1. i heart glasses...and these are all kate spade...

2. i'm currently obsessed with jewelry and pretty ways to display it...images below are found via

3. and ooooo the below 3 prints are so gorgeous!!! found HERE:

4. mixedplate is a blog i just came accross, and the 2 below prints i found via it and loooove them!
the below print can be found HERE:

find the below print HERE:

5. Jeffrey Campbell Shoes...and really all shoes in general, i adore theeeee.
(image via jeffrey campbell website)

6.home decor from anthropologie...
(humming if i had a million dollarsssssss......)

7. TRAVEL!! i will be in los angeles for work at the end of the month annnnd this weekend will be planning a trip for late feb!
it's timmmme for a vacation. yep yep yep it is!

8. i'm cuckoo for cuckoo clocks! this image is from weheartit:

and this is found HERE:

9. i LOVE these photoshoots and want to plan some fun ones like these!! but i have no idea where i pulled the images from- does anyone know the site?!!?! pleeease let me know so i can credit them! i know it is a site of a stylist!!!

10. i think this is the prettiest packaging ever and the perfect color combo!!!

and now i tag....
and you and you and you and you!
tell me 10 things you love!!
(i'd pass this along but i think all my crafty blogger pals have been tagged, if you haven't- tell me and i'll tag you cause i love knowing what you all love!!)


Miss Wanderlust said...

i love all of these things!!
sooo much eye candy:)
i love you!!

Jamie said...

Sooooo pretty!!!! Love all these pics! Every single one of them!!!!

Suzanne said...

omgz... those shoes... to die for! how have i never heard of them/him before?!

and i loooove cuckoo clocks! i'm even making some cute cuckoo clock necklaces with part of my new spring line of jewelry coming soon :)

CourtneyTM said...

hello, i just recently followed your blog and i was wondering if you could do the same and we can exchange banners?!

thanks a lot!

but i love all these pictures, they make my heart flutter and they are very inspiring

mel said...

hey - just found you at run with scissors. i like your taste! i would totally fake vision problems if i could have all of the kate spade glasses. (and everything else she designs, but you know...)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

yay! love your list! and wow- that picture of all those many pretty rings has me drooling!!!!