Thursday, January 21, 2010

i have been a very bad blogger.

but now i will be better and blog more often :-)
one of my fav 365s of recent takings:

i saw bye bye birdie with some of my favorite peeps last saturday!! got me thinking and loving fashion of that era...some lovely little photos



and i got to spend the day with mr. chris! can't wait to do it again soon, very fun!

in other news, i can't stop listening to the glee soundtrack. can. not. stop.
and in other other news, i joined a bowling league

call me crazy, but i actually like bowling shoes (i mean not the wearing other people's gross shoes part, but hte actual style of them hahaha)
one day when i have a house, with like an entrance (or an apt) i am going to have a shoe rack by the door and it will be all vintage shoes there. ramom thought, but bowling shoes will definitely be on the rack.
ok that is all for now.

CONGRATS ELLEN ON WINNING MY GIVEAWAY OVER ON JANEL'S BLOG! some fun mail is headed your way and OH!!!!!! i never posted the cute coffee cozy that jari made me, but here it is! thanks again jari, i love it!!


Anonymous said...
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Cat said...

Your blog is so cute! I love the bowling shoes idea at the front door! It's good to be busy! A bowling league sounds fun!


P.S. Love the cliche photo at the beginning!


Heather said...

Cute cozy!

RMiller said...

funny cliche photo! and cool cozy!

Christopher said...

THAT WAS FUN! :D Hope to do it again real soon! ONE OF MY FAVORITED DAYS! :)