Thursday, November 12, 2009

a quirky GIFT GUIDE!

it's time for holiday shopping!! here's a quirky gift guide...i'll post gift suggestions on thursdays from now until the holidays!

for him! found HERE:
this set could be such a nice gift, and to top it off add a gift certificate to the person's favorite chinese food take out restaurant!

for her...who doesn't want a candy dot bangle?! found HERE:
to top it off i would include some real sweets along with it, and the message- "have a sweet holiday"

for the pet...SO COOL. if kelly ripa cat would ever go near it, i would totally get it for her. but she won't have any of it lol.
found HERE:

for the host-
how cute is this candle and lid? found HERE:
for an extra touch, stick a note in there that says "you light up my holiday"

for the person who has it all...upload photos of them & their loved ones HERE and get this awesome gift!!

for the artist! found HERE:

1 comment:

Christopher said...

really cool! the ote suggestions that go along with the gifts are hilarious! :D