Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quirrrrrrky Thursday!!!

who you callin' quirky? ;-) thanks for all the feedback about pixElation. i'm really really excited about it!!

I LOVE THIS SHIRT. love love love. LOVE. found HERE:

a lego heart brooch! found HERE:
(ps how cool are legos and why don't i play with them anymore?)

also, in the lego theme- THIS photo:

and last, but not least, you better believe i'm getting THESE:


Jamie said...

OMG! Those bandages are THE best!!! Ha!!!
Legos are awesome.
And so are you!!!

Anonymous said...

And i used the word quirky describing your blog today!! I knew i used the right word!! AGAIN LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! ::TWANA::

Toni Brockliss said...

I second Jamie!
You have the best energy. It's in everything you do.
ps - I saw this photo of Tina Fey and I thought of you....seeing as she is the lady who is going to play you and all. :)